Creative Art Director’s Bio

creative-art-directorSheri Lake is a freelance consultant specializing in graphic design and creative marketing. Sheri discovered her love for “all things design” at an early age. Drawing, painting, architecture and interiors have always been a passionate focus. After graduating from the Academy of Design in Toronto, and from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Sheri found that she loved the fusion of graphics with all other facets of design. Using bold graphics in interior spaces had become her calling card. So expanding into the graphic design arena was a natural progression for her. She has worked with design firms and publishing houses, and private companies where she has designed, produced and managed various projects ranging from books, brochures, developing written content and album covers to invitations, desktop publishing and invitations

An entrepreneur at heart, Sheri has been involved with a number of start-ups and is passionate about building partnerships whenever possible. With over a decade of practical experience in the consumer trade show industry, her knowledge of exhibits and display marketing is extensive and has allowed her to branch off into areas of set/stage design on occasion. When not at her desk, Sheri can be found in the bleachers, cheering on her daughter at track and field events.