Fashion & Design Editor Bio

CLARIS MINAS MANGLICMOT Fashion and Design Editor – SMJ Magazine

img1Claris is a jewelry hobbyist designer and she has very exquite taste in fashion and style. She is currently managing designers and talents on consultancy basis. She travels around the world with her talents whenever they have shows and commitment booked in major cities around the world.

She owns EM Productions which produces unique and quality events, shows and films that highlights the multiculturalism of Canada. One of her major productions was a gala fashion show- Couture and Culture featuring the 25th year in the business of International Fashion Designer John Ablaza. She has been a healthy home cooking coach for over a decade. Her energy and entreprenuerial spirit led her first venture in the sale and distribution of healthy all-in-one cooking tools in Canada, the Philippines, Brunei and the United Arab Emirates.

Her very first job was a hotelier which has lasted for 8 years. She has also work as volunteer on different non-profit organizations then and now. She finished a hospitality bachelor’s degree from Mindanao State University, graduated cum laude and a leadership awardee. She also finished Business and Public Relations Administration from London School of Public Relations with distinctions. She has lived and traveled from different countries both for pleasure and business. She is happy to finally chose Canada as home with her family